SBGAS Newsletter 2013 – Index


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Page Title Author/Source
  SBGAS Newsletter 71 (Feb 2013)  
2 Have you heard of someone called Sabine Baring-Gould? Roger Gilbert
7 A bibliographic conundrum Roger Bristow
8 Baring Baring-Gould David Shacklock
8 Onward Christian Soldiers  
10 Baring-Gould in Boscastle July 1861 and 1866 Martin Graebe
10 Front and rear covers Roger Bristow
11 SB-G References in Print David Shacklock
12 SB-G in 1915 David Shacklock
13 Crackers and Conjuring Tricks Martin Graebe
13 Correction Roger Bristow
14 Peggy wi’t’ Lanthorn David Shacklock
14 Holsworthy Carillon Colin White
14 Update on The Growth of Religious Convictions Ron Wawman
15 King’s College Chapel, A Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols  
16 Sabine’s Literary Output Roger Bristow
  SBGAS Newsletter 72 (June 2013)  
2 Editorial Roger Bristow
3 A Henty Connection David Shacklock
8 Onward, Christian Soldiers Sent by Keith Lister
9 The Baring-Goulds and Lourdes Becky Smith
12 The Forgotten Garden of Lew Trenchard Ron Wawman
13 The Mystery of the Wrong Moors Bob Mann
14 A literary Journey through Essex (Review) Martin Graebe
16 References in Print Colin White
16 The Annual Gathering 2013  
  SBGAS Newsletter 73 (Oct 2013)  
2 SBGAS Annual Meeting 2013 Robin Price
5 The Annual Gathering 2014  
5 Sabine’s Horbury Monument  
6 Book Review Becky Smith
7 Bits of Eversfield David Shacklock
8 SB-G references David Shacklock
9 Bram Stoker and Baring-Gould  
9 SBGAS Website  
10 Draft minutes of the AGM 12th Oct. 2013, Exeter  
11 The Baring-Gould Folk Weekend  
12 SB-G and the Totnes Wassail Mystery Bob Mann