SBGAS Newsletter 2012 – Index

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  SBGAS Newsletter 68 (Feb 2012)  
1 The Western Gate of Dartmoor  
2 Flete House David Shacklock
7 SB-G in 1912 David Shacklock
8 Report of the Barrow Committee  
12 Corrections to ‘Sabine’s Dinan Interlude’ Ron Wawman
12 SBGAS Member Makes the Headlines  
13 SB-G References in Print  
14 Flooding Red Spider Country Roger Bristow
  SBGAS Newsletter 69 (May 2012)  
2 Battle Hymn for our Army  
4 With Magic in My Eyes Ron Wawman
5 Shock, Horror Colin White
6 New Penguin Folk Song Book  
7 Broom Squire  
15 SB-G References in Print David Shacklock
12 Kinver Rock Houses  
13 Crossing, SB-G and Dartmoor Archaeology Elizabeth Goldsworthy
14 Amazing Adventures  
  SBGAS Newsletter 70 (Oct 2012)  
2 Annual Gathering 2012 Helen English
7 How I Became Interested in Sabine Baring-Gould Ray Scott
10 Sabine, Jews and the Victorian Dimension Teddy Thomas
15 References in Print  
16 The Saint Zita Society