SBGAS Newsletter 2015 – Index

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Page Title Author/Source
SBGAS Newsletter 77 (Feb 2015)
1 Front and Rear Covers (Old Country Life) Roger Bristow
3 Baldersby Park David Shacklock
6 SB-G Goes to Totnes Bob Mann
9 A 1957 poster for the production of Mehalah on Mersea Island
10 SB-G in 1915 David Shacklock
13 The most obscure journal for an SB-G article? Roger Bristow
14 The two Baring-Gould hymns sung on the Titanic Norman Wallwork
16 Fire and Ice: Following Baring-Gould’s Icelandic journey Martin Graebe
16 Vaughan Williams Memorial Library Digital Archive Martin Graebe
SBGAS Newsletter 78 (Jun 2015)
1 Front and Rear Covers Roger Bristow
2 Journey to the edge of the World in Sabine’s Footsteps (SBGAS Visit to Iceland) Helen English
10 News from Horbury Richard Bell
11 Baring-Gould and The Sermon Teddy Thomas
14 SB-G References in print David Shacklock
14 Annual Gathering 2016
15 The Book of Werewolves – another edition David Shacklock
16 Baring-Gould Folk Weekend David Shacklock and Hazel Harvey
  SBGAS Newsletter 79 (Oct 2015)  
1 Front and rear covers Roger Bristow
2 SBGAS Annual Gathering 2016 Robin Price and Pam Bristow
4 In the Roar of the Sea, some miscellaneous notes Roger Bristow
6 A short note about Richard Cabell [sic]
7 The Crock of Gold David Shacklock
10 Cheap Jack Zita and the Prickwillow Rectory Ray Scott
11 The Mystery of ‘Lewtrenchard’ Martin Graebe
14 The Powderham Connection David Shacklock
16 SB-G References David Shacklock