SBGAS Newsletter 2014 – Index


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Page Title Author/Source
  SBGAS Newsletter 74 (Feb 2014)  
1 Editorial Roger Bristow
2 Floods as recorded by Sabine Roger Bristow
4 Sabine’s long road to Ordination  
14 Flooding Red Spider Country Ron Wawman
5 References in Print  
6 Annotations upon Popular Hymns  
8 Onward Christian Soldiers  
10 Victorian Carols  
11 BBC programmes featuring SBG  
12 Silver Store Roger Bristow
15 SB-G in 1914 David Shacklock
16 Welcome to the following member  
  SBGAS Newsletter 75 (Jun 2014)  
1 SBGAS visit to Iceland Martin Graebe
2 Dolly Carthew S. Baring-Gould
11 Sabinade David Shacklock
15 Through Flood and Flame Roger Bristow
16 Odd Bits from Baring-Gould Martin Graebe
16 More Teenage Archaeology Martin Graebe
16 Tips from Abroad Martin Graebe
17 References in Print David Shacklock and Hazel Harvey
18 Mr Head of Mersea Island David Nicholls
19 Dissenters’ Graveyard Hazel Harvey
19 St Joseph was an Old Man Geoffrey Wrayford
  SBGAS Newsletter 76 (Oct 2014)  
1 Front and rear covers Roger Bristow
2 SBGAS Annual Gathering, Bromsgrove, Oct 2014 Robin Price and Pam Bristow
8 A visit to Pau Helen English
11 A bit more on the Holy Grail David Shacklock
12 A Titanic Tale Colin White
13 Lewtrenchard report Sylvia Crocker
14 Rude about the Rood (and other references in print) David Shacklock