SBGAS Newsletter 2010 – Index


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SBGAS Newsletter 62 (Feb 2010)
1 Editorial Roger Bristow
2 The Church Revival Becky Smith
4 The Diary of Sabine Baring-Gould: Never Completely Submerged (book review) David Shacklock
5 Never Completely Submerged Ron Wawman
6 Another Diary Ron Wawman
10 The Forgotten Garden
9 Horbury Library, Local History Section Keith Lister
10 His name is Bond – Francis Bond Frank Potter
11 Research Officer’s Queries Martin Graebe
14 Help Wanted
18 References in Print
20 SB-G in 1910 David Shacklock
19 Celebration of the Life of Sabine Baring-Gould
19 Baring-Gould in Chinese
SBGAS Newsletter 63 (Jun 2010)
1 Editorial Roger Bristow
2 The Memoirs of Abbé Francois Duine Ron Wawman
7 Recollections of my Grandfather, Sabine Baring-Gould Joyce Rawthorne
11 In George Rosedhu’s Footsteps Troy White
12 Baring-Gould on Television Troy White
13 New Arrival Troy White
13 Chinese Puzzle
14 Getting from Here to There – the Retro Way
15 References in Print
16 Life on the Essex Marshes Ninety Years Ago Bea Howe
19 The Name ‘Orange’ Colin White
SBGAS Newsletter 64 (Oct 2010)
1 Editorial Roger Bristow
2 Life is One Series of Disappointments Ron Wawman
8 Baring-Gould’s First Bibliographer Martin Graebe
10 SBGAS Annual Gathering 2010 Helen English
14 Some Thoughts on Politicians Ron Wawman
15 Samples of Nicolle’s SB-G Bibliography
16 An Evening with SB-G Ray Scott
17 Friends of St Michael de Rupe, Brentor Jane Marchand
17 Time Team Jane Marchand
18 Publishing the Diaries, Notebooks and Letters of AB-G Ron Wawman