SBGAS Newsletter 2007 – Index


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SBGAS Newsletter 53 (Feb 2007)
2 Editorial Roger Bristow
4 Obituary: Patrick Hutton Roger Bristow
6 Öroefa -dal: An Icelandic Tale Becky Smith
10 Minutes of 2006 AGM
14 SB-G Printed References
15 How Old is Baring-Gould? Roger Bristow
16 References in the Media
18 Trains and Buttered Toast
23 A Hymn for Children
24 Like a Buoy
SBGAS Newsletter 54 (Jun 2007)
1 Editorial Roger Bristow
2 Red Spider Roger Bristow
7 Iceland: Its Scenes and Sagas (book review) Roger Bristow
8 SB-G Printed References
9 A Book Goes on Holiday – A Book of the Pyrenees Martin Graebe
13 References in the Media
14 Like a Buoy (review of play) Becky Smith
16 A Peep at the Pixies Jane Marchand
18 The Forgotten Garden of Lewtrenchard Ron Wawman
SBGAS Newsletter 55 (Oct 2007)
1 Editorial Roger Bristow
2 Eve Roger Bristow
3 References in Print
4 Anyone for Tea? Ray Scott
9 Onward Christian Soldiers Ray Scott
7 SB-G and the Godolphin Connection David Shacklock
10 A Book Goes on Holiday – Iceland: Its Scenes and Sagas Martin Graebe
14 Obituary: Geoffrey Ball Ron Wawman
15 Worst Summer Ron Wawman
15 End of an Era David Shacklock
16 The Folk-Music of Devon
18 Annual Gathering – Hurstpierpoint Ron Wawman
20 Obituary: Herbert Elgood Keith Lister