SBGAS Newsletter 2006 – Index


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SBGAS Newsletter 50 (Feb 2006)
4 Editorial: While Looking Through a Bookshelf Ron Wawman
6 SBG’s Literary Output Roger Bristow
11 Mr Baring-Gould’s Picturesque Pen Jane Marchand
16 ‘My’ Sabine Baring-Gould Trevor Beer
20 Lost in the Myths of Time Ron Wawman
21 Recent References in the Media
22 References in Print
24 SBGAS AGM Draft Minutes
SBGAS Newsletter 51 (Jun 2006)
4 Editorial: Trustworhiness Ron Wawman
6 Sabine Baring-Gould and Mr Sherlock Holmes Laurie King
11 Like a Buoy Ron Wawman
12 Some Thoughts on The Mystery of Suffering Becky Smith
16 Recent References in the Media
17 References in Print Ron Wawman
18 A Love Poem Ron Wawman
22 Draft SBGAS Constitution
SBGAS Newsletter 52 (Oct 2006)
4 Editorial: New Directions Ron Wawman
6 Lewtrenchard Gathering (meeting report) Becky Smith
10 The Comic Opera ‘Red Spider’ Moira Harris
17 Transactions of SBGAS Philip Weller
18 Recent References in the Media
18 References in Print
20 First Efforts of Famous Preachers No 18 – Rev. S. Baring-Gould
22 SBGAS Constitution