SBGAS Newsletter 2005 – Index


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SBGAS Newsletter 47 (Feb 2005)
4 Editorial Ron Wawman
6 SBGAS Research Officer Keith Lister
8 News from Lew
10 A New Baring-Gould Biography Becky Smith
11 I Would Not Be Forgotten (book review)
12 ‘The Broom Squire’ or ‘The Broom Squires’ David Shacklock
15 The Hills are alive Philip Weller
17 References in Print
18 Recent References in the Media
SBGAS Newsletter 48 (Jun 2005)
4 Editorial Ron Wawman
5 ‘Court Royal’ Becky Smith
7 Obituary: Jim Sunnocks
8 Obituary: Kenneth Jackson
12 Times Past: Horbury Bridge Keith Lister
Lew House in the Spring Ron Wawman
13 References in Print
14 Obituary: Cyril Tawney Martin Graebe
16 SBGAS Business
SBGAS Newsletter 49 (Oct 2005)
4 Editorial: The End of an Era Ron Wawman
6 Seaton Gathering (meeting report)
10 Touching on Nelson Martin Graebe
13 Gleanings: Sabine Baring-Gould on Farming Anthony Gibson
19 Robert Burnard at the DRO Elizabeth Goldsworthy
20 Transactions of SBGAS Philip Weller
21 Commander John Pollard
22 Close Harmony at Tavistock
22 Cabbages and Kings Ron Wawman
23 St. Peter’s Church, Lewtrenchard Mary Rolfe
24 Amy le Feuvre
25 Recent References in the Media