SBGAS Newsletter 2003 – Index


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SBGAS Newsletter 41 (Feb 2003)
1 Editorial Ron Wawman
2 Miscellania Elizabeth Goldsworthy
4 The Novelist and SB-G’s contribution to it Roger Bristow
5 Letters to the Editor
6 The Folk Next Door (Report of Wren Music’s Study Day) Ron Wawman
10 Half My Life (Book review) Ron Wawman
11 SB-G and Robert Burnard Tom Greeves
14 SB-G’s memories of Robert Burnard
15 Transactions of SBGAS
16 References in Print
16 Letters by SB-G For Sale Martin Graebe
SBGAS Newsletter 42 (Jun 2003)
1 Editorial Ron Wawman
7 Transactions of SBGAS
4 The Enys and Cliff Castles Letters David Shacklock
8 Further Miscellania Elizabeth Goldsworthy
10 A Hard Road to Travel Martin Graebe
12 References in Print
13 The Baring-Gould Festival and Study Break Paul Wilson
16 A Decided Opinion
SBGAS Newsletter 43 (Oct 2003)
1 Editorial Ron Wawman
2 Miscellania – Part III Elizabeth Goldsworthy
4 Obituaries
6 Birding Almost 150 Years Ago Keith Lister
8 Transactions Issue 3
10 SBGAS and You
12 Kinver October 2003 (meeting report) Becky Smith
15 Very Happy at Mersea
16 References in Print