SBGAS Newsletter 2002 – Index


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SBGAS Newsletter 38 (Feb 2002)
1 Editorial Becky Smith
2 Two Accounts of the Ely  Gathering Helen English, David Shacklock
3 A Tall Story Bill Rothon
4 It Never Goes Away Roger Bristow
6 L’Archaeologue Anglais et La Villa Gallo Romaine Jane Marchand
11 References in Print
12 The Broom Squire (play) Ron Wawman
SBGAS Newsletter 39 (Jun 2002)
1 Editorial Becky Smith
2 Cedric Baring-Gould Chris Waters
4 Putting Sabine on Stage Ron Wawman
7 From ‘Clare through the Twentieth Century’ Tim Brown
7 Practical Joking at Hurstpierpoint Martin Graebe
12 References in Print
SBGAS Newsletter 40 (Oct 2002)
1 Editorial Ron Wawman
2 Annual Gathering, Ashburton Becky Smith
5 To Half My Life (Book Preview) David Shacklock
6 The Setting of Baring-Gould’s Novels by County Roger Bristow
8 Some Notes from ‘Cheap Jack Zita’ Land Ray Scott
12 References in Print
12 Christmas is Coming: A Man For All Seasons