1.    Name. The name of the Society shall be the Sabine Baring-Gould Appreciation Society, also known by its acronym SBGAS.

2.    Aims of the Society. The aims of the Society are to enable those inter- ested in the man and his work to share their enthusiasm and spread the interest among others. These aims are to be achieved by means of Newsletters, a membership list, a website, an Annual Gathering at venues with some association with Sabine Baring-Gould, and publication of the Transactions.

3.    Membership. Membership of the Society shall be open to all. All members shall be supplied with a copy of the Constitution.


4.    Annual Subscription. The annual subscription, payable in UK Ster- ling is due on October 1st each year. The subscription shall be agreed at the Annual General Meeting. For overseas members, there is a surcharge to cover air-mail postage. Members joining during the year will receive back copies of the Newsletter for the current year. A reminder that subscriptions are due will be sent out with the first Newsletter after October 1st. Members who remain in arrears on 31st December next will receive a final reminder. The Secretary, Treasurer, editor of the Newsletter and manager of the website are not liable to pay a subscription.


5.    President. The Society may have an Honorary President at the invitation of the Committee, to be approved at the Annual General Meeting, and to serve for 5 years, before needing to be re-elected.


6.    General Committee. The Committee shall consist of the following honorary Officers and Members: a Chairman, a Secretary, a Treasurer, an Editor and up to six Ordinary/Regional Members. Only members of the Society are eligible to hold office and serve on the committee. The Committee is empowered to invite people to attend all, or part, of a Committee meeting where expertise or input is required on a matter of discussion. Such invitees, whether a member of SBGAS or not, would not have the right to vote at a Committee meeting.


6.1  Officers shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting and shall be eligible for annual re-election.


6.2  The Ordinary/Regional Members shall be elected by the Annual General Meeting for three years.


6.3  The General Committee shall have the right to delegate power to a sub- committee or to form a Working Group for projects with a limited time span.


6.4  The Committee shall have the power to co-opt not more than four additional members to serve for the current year.


7        The Committee shall have the general management and direction of the funds and affairs of the Society and, in particular

a)    may nominate any of its delegates to represent SBGAS on another body/organisation;

b)    may pay the whole or part of the reasonable out-of-pocket expenses of any Officer or Member of the Committee in or about the execution of any of their functions and duties on behalf of the Society.

c)    may make, and from time-to-time vary, rules not inconsistent with this constitution, pending the next Annual General Meeting.

d)    may appoint from time-to-time such other sub-committees from among its membership as may be necessary to carry out its business.

e)    may fill any vacancy occurring on the committee by electing any ordinary member to that post, pending the next Annual General Meeting.


8    General Meetings

The quorum at all General Meetings shall be ten members.


8.1 The financial year of the Society will end on 31 August of each year.


8.2  At least twenty one days notice of the Annual General Meeting of the Society, shall be given to all members by the Secretary. The business of the Annual General Meeting shall be to receive a report from theCommittee, to receive the annual accounts, to appoint an examiner of accounts/, to elect the Officers and the Ordinary/Regional Members of the Committee, and to consider any proposals which have been notified to the Secretary.


8.3 Special General Meeting

The Secretary shall within fourteen days of receiving a request in writing from any ten members, summon a Special General Meeting of the Society, with not less than fourteen days' notice of the Meeting being given to all members, and the Secretary specifying the business to be transacted


9    Committee Meetings

Committee meetings shall be held not less than once annually. Five members shall constitute a quorum. In the absence of a Chairman, those present may elect a Chairman for the meeting from among their number.


10  Voting

All questions arising at any meeting shall be decided by a simple majority of those present and entitled to vote. Each member shall be entitled to exercise one vote, but in the case of equality of votes, the Chairman of the meeting shall have an additional casting vote.


11  Minutes

Minutes of all proceedings and resolutions shall be kept by the Secretary. Minutes are to be distributed, or made available, to members prior to each subsequent meeting.


12. All funds and assets in the possession of the Society shall be held, paid and applied as the Committee may direct within the object of the Society, and pending such direction, all funds shall be held in a separate bank account in the name of the Society with such bankers as the Committee may from time-to-time direct. All cheques less than £150 drawn on such bankers may be signed by the Treasurer, Chairman or Secretary. All cheques greater than £150 shall be signed by any two of the Treasurer, Chairman or Secretary or with a member of the Committee specially nominated by the Committee for that purpose. The Treasurer shall keep proper accounts of the finances of the Society. All documents requiring endorsement shall be sufficiently endorsed if signed by any one of them.


13. Notices to members shall be deemed sufficiently served if sent by ordinary pre-paid post to the address of the member registered on their subscription form, and any letter so sent shall be deemed to have been received within seven days of posting.


14. Alterations to this Constitution shall receive the assent of two-third of the members present and voting at a General Meeting or a Special General Meeting. A resolution for the alteration of the Constitution must be received by the Secretary of the Society at least twenty-one days before the meeting at which the resolution is to be brought forward. At least fourteen days notice of such a meeting must be given by the Secretary to the members and must include notice of the alteration proposed.


15. Dissolution

The Society may be dissolved by a resolution passed by two-thirds majority of those present and voting at a Special General Meeting con- vened for the purpose, of which twenty eight day's notice shall have been given to all members. Such resolution may give instructions for the disposal of assets held by or in the name of the Society, provided that if any property remains after the satisfaction of all debts and liabilities, such property shall not be paid to or distributed among the members of the Society, but shall be given or transferred to such other institution having objects similar to some, or all, of the objects of the Society as the Society may determine and, if and in so far as effect cannot be given to this provision, then to some other charitable purpose.


16. Data Protection Act

Each member of the Society shall be deemed, unless the member has refused such consent in writing, to have given his or her consent for the purposes of the Data Protection Act, 1984, for the inclusion of his or her name, address, telephone number, e-mail address and any other relevant information included on the Membership Application Form in or on any data processing media or system which, in the absence of consent, might otherwise be deemed worthy of registration under the provisions of the said Act.


17  Interpretation of this constitution shall rest with the Committee, which shall also have power to decide any question not provided for in it, provided that such questions are raised formally at the next Annual General Meeting.




1 October 2006