Minutes of SBGAS Annual General Meeting held on 3rd October 2014 at Bromsgrove






1. Chairman's welcome

Martin opened the meeting and welcomed members.


2. Apologies

Merriol Almond, Jane Best, Richard Burleigh, Sylvia Crocker, Felicity Craigen, Andrew & Marita Dakyns, Laura Leigh, Keith and Sylvia Lister, Bob Mann, Jane Marchand, Jennifer Margrave, Judy Orthwein, Cherry Peurifoy, Gordon Richards, Mary Rolfe, Ray & Shirley Scott, Sybil Tope.


3. Minutes of last meeting

The Minutes of the last meeting were agreed and signed.


4. Matters arising



5. Treasurer's report

See Treasurer’s report. Bill talked through the figures. The membership subscription will stay the same for the next year.



6. Reports from Committee members

See filed reports. Shan read out the reports from Sylvia Crocker and herself. Roger expanded on his report as Newsletter Editor. Martin spoke about his activities as Chairman, Website Editor and Transactions Editor. The fee for the website may have to rise if more space is needed.

David Shacklock suggested that there could be a central pool of aspects of SBG  that need to be researched, which could be published in the Newsletter. Martin and Roger said they would consider the idea.

Warm appreciation was expressed by the meeting for Roger and Martin for organising such a full meeting at short notice.

Thanks were given to Colin White for his contributions to the Transactions re. the Newsletters, and to Norman Wallwork for his article.

Martin said that the 2015 Transactions would feature transcriptions of SBG’s letters about Iceland.




Roger and Martin

7. Administration

Future meetings – Martin spoke about the proposed trip to Iceland in 2015. Roger reiterated the need to give dates asap.

Membership – Bill confirmed that there are 84 paid up members.


8. Election of Officers

Martin was willing to continue to serve as Chairman – proposed by Roger Bristow, seconded by Helen English.

All other committee members were willing to continue to serve – proposed by Susan White, seconded by Pam Bristow. All were elected unanimously.


9. A.O.B.

Martin spoke about SBG’s library now at Exeter University. All SBG’s own publications are now in the catalogue. They are still working on the other books.

Ian and Jill Maxted have worked further with the books at Lewtrenchard. They have catalogued the ‘secret cupboard’ and placed the valuable items behind glass. They were thanked for their work.

Martin has been contacted by a person in Missouri who suggested that letters from SBG should be published.





Minutes written by Shan Graebe, Secretary. 6th October 2014