Minutes of SBGAS Annual General Meeting held at Exeter, on 12th October 2013






1. Chairman's welcome

Martin opened the meeting and welcomed members.


2. Apologies

Sybil Tope, Jane Marchand, Ron and Margaret Wawman.


3. Minutes of last meeting

The Minutes of the last meeting were agreed and signed.


4. Matters arising



5. Treasurer's report

Bill gave a resume of his written report, which was available to anyone who wanted a copy. The Society's finances are in good shape. The membership subscription will stay the same for the next year. He confirmed that the new financial year for SBGAS starts on 1st September.




6. Secretary's report

Shan read her report to the meeting. Helen English asked about the latest membership contact list. Roger confirmed it will be sent out with the next Newsletter. David Shacklock commented that it would be good to have to have the latest version of the programme for Annual Gatherings on the website. Roger said that programmes were unfortunately subject to late changes, and Martin said he would try to ensure the latest would be displayed.



7. Research Coordinator's report

Keith read out and commented on his report.


8. SBGAS Transactions

Martin gave his report.


9. SBGAS Website

In giving his report, Martin asked the meeting whether earlier editions of the Transactions should go on the website, in the same way that past Newsletters are now available there for anyone to see. One edition is now sold out and therefore unavailable, and some others have very few remaining. After some discussion about the copyright position and the necessity of obtaining permissions from authors,  it was decided to leave this issue for the present.



10. Administration

Future meetings - Keith gave the dates of the next Annual Gathering as 3/4/5 October 2014 in Horbury. It will be organized by Keith and Christine Cudworth.

The idea for a 2015 meeting in Iceland was put, and about 12 people expressed an interest in going. If this were to go ahead, there would need to be a day meeting for an AGM. Norman Wallwork suggested St Barnabas, Pimlico. No firm decision was reached.

Helen English said she would be willing to organize an Annual Gathering in Pau in the future.

Membership - Bill confirmed that all members had now paid last year's subscriptions and that he and Shan maintain the membership list.



11. Election of Officers

Mary Rolfe has resigned from the committee. The meeting expressed their thanks for the valuable long service she has given, and keeping us in touch with the important events at St Peters and around Lewtrenchard. Becky Smith proposed Helen English as South East Representative, and this was seconded by Christine Cudworth. Roger proposed Sylvia Crocker as the Representative for Lewtrenchard and the surrounding district, and this was seconded by Keith Lister. They were both unanimously elected onto the committee. Robin Price proposed the re-election of all the other current officers.   This was seconded by Eric Cudworth. This was carried by the meeting.



12. A.O.B.

Martin pointed out that that there is a link on the SBGAS website to an interview with member Arthur Perkins on the British Library Sound Archive website, which would be of interest to members.

Mary Rolfe confirmed that the new toilet facilities at St Peters are now complete. Access is from the outside and available for use by the many visitors to St Peters and the Forgotten Garden.

Sylvia Crocker reported some research she and her daughter Chloe had been able to do about new tenancies at  East Raddon and Lew Mill Farms in 1851.






Minutes written by Shan Graebe, Secretary. 14th October 2013