This page contains some of the hundreds of articles written by Baring-Gould. They are grouped by theme, and they have generally been scanned and converted to text in the course of some project or other. The selection will, I hope, continue to grow as time goes on. (Feb 2011).


The Cheshire Salt Industry

Baring-Gould visited Cheshire to get background for his novel The Queen of Love (1894). The novel itself demonstrates that he had a good grasp of the technicalities of the salt industry, within which the novel played itself out. There are three articles about the industry which are attributed to Baring-Gould, though only one actually carries his name. One 'The Cheshire Salt Region' has been included in the 2011 SBGAS Transactions, though I have also included it here for the sake of completeness. The articles are:



Among the 'Wiches' (Unattributed)

Cornhill Magazine, 2nd Series,  Vol. 19, Sept. 1892, p. 256 - 265



The Salt Manufacture in the Weaver (Unattributed)

Chambers's Journal, Dec 3, 1892, 5th Series, Vol. 9. p. 774 - 777


The Cheshire Salt Region (Sabine Baring-Gould)

Good Words, Vol. 34, Jan 1893, p. 59 - 63